The schedule is now definitive. We will get one at the conference, and the  PDF version is available.

Journées "Théorie, Modélisation et Simulations"

The "Theoretical, Modlling and Simulation Days 2019" (JTMS19) will take place at the Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology (Paris) on the 5 and 6 june. 


They are organized jointly by the  Division de Chimie Physique (belonging to both Société Chimique de France and Société Française de Physique) and Réseau Français de Chimie Théorique.


These days will be organized in communications of 20 minutes (including questions!) in order to ensure an airy formula in which we remain strict on the speaking time to allow the maximum of discussion.


Registration is mandatory and can be done at by logging into your personal space. Registrations are already open, do not wait!

Participation in the registration fee of 100 € including VAT for permanent staff and 70 € for non-permanent staff is required. this participation will make it possible to refund the 2 lunches and the coffee breaks that will be taken on the spot. A reduction of 10 € is granted to the members of the Division of Physical Chemistry.

Payment is by credit card (personal or professional) or transfer, and each participant will receive a receipt for reimbursement of expenses. Purchase orders are not accepted. For more information on payment, see the corresponding page of this site.

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